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My new job and poop gardens

I finally started a job on Monday.  It's with New Oriental, the big English training corporation, but the branch I'm with is fairly small and new and does online Chinese teaching aimed at foreigners.  It's supposed to be a new competitor of Chinese Pod , which is well known and seems to make a fairly decent product.  See New Oriental's pitiful efforts at Target Chinese .  Note the panda wearing headphones, and of course the obligatory gong sound as you enter the page.  Fun fact: not only did the Chinese invent gunpowder and movable type, they also invented stereotypes!  Also key are the three sexy babes who really like learning Chinese, and let's not forget Jack, the awesome black dude who will be teaching live class in 2 hours, 15 minutes and 38 seconds.  Better hurry up and subscribe. Here is a picture of my cubicle: I don't know if the picture quite portrays how small this thing is.  I can't really turn my chair if somebody comes to talk to me, an