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Language of the Winds

... is a translation for a colorful Chinese phrase for "rumor."

Below is an interesting article which states that after the ongoing battle between Jackie Chan and Jet Li for the coveted role of "Monkey King" in this movie, with Jet Li coming out as victor, it turns out that actually Jet Li will be playing an entirely different role of a bad guy. What's more, according to a "leak" from "inside sources," Peter Jackson will direct the movie:

Considering I just read the latest version of the script which came out on Tuesday and I'm currently dealing with hotel arrangements so that the producers and director can meet with people in Beijing next week, I'm either completely out of the loop, or this news is a bit off the mark. And I don't even know where they get the numbers about the movie's investment and Jet Li's profit share...

Anyway my job can be pretty interesting sometimes, and horribly tedious at others. I'm supposed to go through the script with my boss some time soon and mark it for any visual effects we're going to need. I think that will be a good combination of interesting and tedious. Either way, it looks like I will just try and stick things out for the forseeable future. I gave my passport, residence registration slip and graduation certificate along with 1,000 RMB to some guy the other day, who promises to give me a 6 month multiple-entry business visa with no questions asked. I'll owe him another 1,430 RMB on delivery. This is all quite a bit of money to pay for the luxury of living in China with questionable legality, but I think it was either that or fly to Hong Kong and find a "travel agent" who could provide a similar service.

The hiring part of my job is turning out to be an interesting learning experience for me. I've found that the people who have turned up through classifieds ads are generally not worth my time, and that all of the good people come through word of mouth, recommended by a friend of a friend. There turns out to be a whole network of bilingual production coordinators who go from project to project, and once I met one (and told her I'd have her meet the producers) she's just been giving me name after name of very qualified people. Most of the good people I've talked to all worked on The Painted Veil and MI3, and a lot of people are unavailable right now because they're working on The Kite Runner. I don't know what it's like in America, but all of the business we do here is really just based on connections. And I'm happy to be knitting myself into this web.

Well, now it's 2:35, and I've been waiting around for our office meeting which was scheduled for 2. I think I will prepare, in the rare case that this meeting actually happens.

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