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Unfettered Crazies Tarnish Beijing Olympics

There was a crazy man on the subway during my commute this morning.  He sat across the car by the door and swore uncontrollably, punctuating the end of each string of curses with a tight swipe of his arm, as though he were smacking a child upside the head.  Then he would look around, half [...]

Bomb Pot

A friendly new fixture in Beijing’s subway stations, the 防爆罐 (fangbaoguan), or anti-explosion pot.

Subway Sign

Relatively new errant signage in the Dongzhimen subway station.  I don’t know how this one managed to slip though.  Translating “fragile” into “crumbly” I can understand, but translating “North” into “South?”  Come on, China, you can do better than that.
Update: Ah, they fixed it!  How boring.