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Unfettered Crazies Tarnish Beijing Olympics

There was a crazy man on the subway during my commute this morning.  He sat across the car by the door and swore uncontrollably, punctuating the end of each string of curses with a tight swipe of his arm, as though he were smacking a child upside the head.  Then he would look around, half [...]

Olympic Plant People and their Makeshift Equipment

There is a cute row of sculpted plant people engaging in various Olympic sports on display near Baishiqiao.  The artists behind the installations must have run out of time or funds by the time they decided to furnish these green creatures with actual sports equipment, to quite an amusing effect:

The tennis and badminton players each [...]

How to Interact with Foreigners, and other Olympics Propaganda

“Eight Don’t-Asks” and other guidelines for Chinese to follow when talking to foreigners during the Olympics.

Beijing’s New Pajamas

Usually when an area in Beijing is fenced off for destruction, the fencing is covered with huge canvas printed with repeating pictures of greenery: woods, lakes and parks with elderly people in wheelchairs happily being pushed along brick paths by healthy role-model youths, strolling one way down the right side of the picture and then [...]


Beijing’s official Olympic mascots, the five Friendlies, release some pent-up tension in a hot orgy of furry action.