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Joel Rosen China Consulting

The China Greentech Report 2011


See what people are saying about Peaceful Rise!
“…reeks of racism…”
“…that guy’s Chinese is not very good…”
“…translations are horribly off…anyone with half a brain can see the xenophobia, nationalism and racism that motivates his efforts…”
“…fuck these anti-china crusaders…”

Kids today…

“No one’s ever said you should read more books to get into college.”
- Some 15-year-old

Bomb Pot

A friendly new fixture in Beijing’s subway stations, the 防爆罐 (fangbaoguan), or anti-explosion pot.

Reporters PK Bloggers

And now for some glimmering insight from a real China correspondent:
Now, for the foreigners out there, here’s the No. 1 dud question to ask a Chinese person. It’s a question that will draw a blank, non-comprehending stare:
“Hey, pal, tell me about your president. Is he doing a good job?”
- Tim Johnson