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Category Archives: Tidbits

I Like

This was yesterday’s picture of the day on, taken at Crab Island, a beach resort area near Beijing.  Who is this guy?  He is my new hero.

Olympic Plant People and their Makeshift Equipment

There is a cute row of sculpted plant people engaging in various Olympic sports on display near Baishiqiao.  The artists behind the installations must have run out of time or funds by the time they decided to furnish these green creatures with actual sports equipment, to quite an amusing effect:

The tennis and badminton players each [...]

Subway Sign

Relatively new errant signage in the Dongzhimen subway station.  I don’t know how this one managed to slip though.  Translating “fragile” into “crumbly” I can understand, but translating “North” into “South?”  Come on, China, you can do better than that.
Update: Ah, they fixed it!  How boring.

Fruit Bus

This bus is parked in the alley outside my window. It’s filled with fruit, and I don’t think it can move. When I moved in, the wall behind it enclosed a field of rubble. Maybe there were houses there before. A couple of months ago work crews came and started drilling [...]

A Day in the Park

I took this video maybe a month ago now. Took me a while to get around to putting it together. These were just some clips I took during a really nice weekend visit to Beihai Park.

Skating in Beijing

Today I visited a park I hadn’t gone to before. There were lots of people skating around on chairs. I took a video. These things are too cute. You can also hear the Chinese music playing in the first clip. That’s how you know I’m in China.