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More Joel for sale at unbeatable prices

Due to popular demand, I’ve put up a portfolio of my software and web development projects at  Drop me a line if you or someone you know needs a website or other customized web application.

I made a new website for translating Chinese news into English at  I know from the front it just looks like any old Wordpress installation, but behind the scenes is an awesome Django app that automatically pulls news from a number of Chinese sources, and provides a really convenient translation interface.
The idea is that [...]

Google thinks my China consulting business is a good idea

I was just curious what I could do to boost traffic to my site (Joel Rosen China Consulting), so I did a little keyword search on Google Insights to see what people are searching for when they need a China consultant.  The findings are encouraging:

Massachusetts ranks highest for searches on “china consulting,” even beating out [...]

Joel Rosen China Consulting

I’ve moved back to Boston and I’m starting up a little consulting business to help companies around here get stuff done in China. After agonizing over what to name it for over a week, I settled on Joel Rosen China Consulting. Yes, I’m as professional as I am creative.

As you can see here [...]

Off at sea for a while

I’m off traveling outside of China now. Follow my adventure at

Chinese Use Ancient Oriental Secrets to Hack US Computers

A Chinese hacker. He hates us for our freedom.

They operate from a bare apartment on a remote island in the East. Their skin is dark, their hair is black, their eyes… slanty. These are the Chinese, the crafty people inhabiting vast regions of land across the seas, and they are attacking our [...]