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I give up

My visa expires on Wednesday, and nobody needs crew around here, so I booked a ticket to SF on Monday. It was almost free with frequent flier miles and I will get to visit the airports of Bangkok and Frankfurt on a nearly 50-hour itinerary.

I could have flown to Singapore or Australia and tried again but I'm getting tired of spending time and money being a tourist, and there simply aren't boats going in the direction I want to go, only boats sailing to Malaysia and Thailand and bumming around. I just feel like going home. I'd still like to try this again in the future, but I can do it any time, and next time I can pick a place where there's favorable wind. So far I haven't spoken to a single sailor here who says they've had more than a day or two of proper sailing. Everybody is just motoring against the current without wind, so what's the point? I've already done plenty of motoring on the ferries here.

I spent two nights in Lombok and a day hanging around the Medana Bay Marina. I met about 8 boats from the Sail Indonesia rally. Most of them were there in advance of the rest of the pack due to engine problems. Only one of them, a boat from Fiji, needed crew, but the captain was apparently an abusive alcoholic, according to his one crew member. The captain, a drunken French man, dismissed his crewmate's suggestion that he needed extra crew, and I decided not to bother trying to convince him otherwise.

With a less than ideal couchsurfing arrangement and little encouragement from the sailors at the marina, I hopped on the ferry back to Bali this morning and am now in Padang Bai on the northeast coast. I got a mattress on the second floor of an inn, in the open air overlooking the surf. I'll have three nights here before I head down to the airport for my flight(s).

I plan to visit my brother in SF for a few days and see what I feel like doing. I may decide to bike to Boston, in which case I'll update the header art on this blog appropriately.


Ipfreely said…
Wait. You're not sailing? Totally false advertising.
Luke said…
Sorry to hear this. could we persuade you to return to BJ?

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