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Hello again

I'm sorry I haven't been writing.  I think there's something wrong with my brain. Perhaps it's all the Chinese.

The last time I was going to write was just after Christmas, when me and my friends all got detained overnight in a police station.  I got about halfway through a very detailed and winding narrative of the night when I became distracted and then forgot what happened.

I think it's mostly that writing frustrates me.  My life could be portrayed so much more vividly and entertainingly in documentary format.  Particularly because so much of anything I want to write is inspired out of discontent, which comes off as whining self-pity.  If I had a videocamera on me at all times, then the tragicomedy of my existence in China could be fully appreciated.

But since I don't, I'll try to keep this brief again.

Let me begin by proudly introducing, Beijing's first online DVD rental service.  This was an idea that my friends Guy and Jeff came up wi…