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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Thugs and Goons, Resilient in Face of Change

As I began work this morning, and dove into my daily task of figuring out how to procrastinate for eight and a half hours, I started, as usual, by reading through the China articles on the New York Times website.  The first article to fall across my screen was yet another monthly reminder by Jim [...]

Unfettered Crazies Tarnish Beijing Olympics

There was a crazy man on the subway during my commute this morning.  He sat across the car by the door and swore uncontrollably, punctuating the end of each string of curses with a tight swipe of his arm, as though he were smacking a child upside the head.  Then he would look around, half [...]

I Like

This was yesterday’s picture of the day on, taken at Crab Island, a beach resort area near Beijing.  Who is this guy?  He is my new hero.


See what people are saying about Peaceful Rise!
“…reeks of racism…”
“…that guy’s Chinese is not very good…”
“…translations are horribly off…anyone with half a brain can see the xenophobia, nationalism and racism that motivates his efforts…”
“…fuck these anti-china crusaders…”