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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Beijing’s New Pajamas

Usually when an area in Beijing is fenced off for destruction, the fencing is covered with huge canvas printed with repeating pictures of greenery: woods, lakes and parks with elderly people in wheelchairs happily being pushed along brick paths by healthy role-model youths, strolling one way down the right side of the picture and then [...]


A sign in front of a small grassy area.

Mend the Glass

Disaster of Red Cliff

Part I of The Battle of Red Cliff is coming out in theatres here on Wednesday, the culmination of, from what I hear, has been the most extended and expensive game of grab-ass in Chinese movie history.
When I first went to see the set with the American special effects team back in December of 2006, [...]


fu3 wo4 cheng1

Subway Sign

Relatively new errant signage in the Dongzhimen subway station.  I don’t know how this one managed to slip though.  Translating “fragile” into “crumbly” I can understand, but translating “North” into “South?”  Come on, China, you can do better than that.
Update: Ah, they fixed it!  How boring.