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Monthly Archives: July 2008

PSB More Awesome Than Before

Although it’s been policy to require foreigners to register residency with their local PSB for a long time now, it’s probably only this year that the policy has grown some teeth, and the police have actually become insistent about enforcing it.  Just last week I found big white posters on the bulletin board by the [...]

Kids today…

“No one’s ever said you should read more books to get into college.”
- Some 15-year-old

Bomb Pot

A friendly new fixture in Beijing’s subway stations, the 防爆罐 (fangbaoguan), or anti-explosion pot.

Reporters PK Bloggers

And now for some glimmering insight from a real China correspondent:
Now, for the foreigners out there, here’s the No. 1 dud question to ask a Chinese person. It’s a question that will draw a blank, non-comprehending stare:
“Hey, pal, tell me about your president. Is he doing a good job?”
- Tim Johnson

Olympic Plant People and their Makeshift Equipment

There is a cute row of sculpted plant people engaging in various Olympic sports on display near Baishiqiao.  The artists behind the installations must have run out of time or funds by the time they decided to furnish these green creatures with actual sports equipment, to quite an amusing effect:

The tennis and badminton players each [...]

How to Interact with Foreigners, and other Olympics Propaganda

“Eight Don’t-Asks” and other guidelines for Chinese to follow when talking to foreigners during the Olympics.