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Monthly Archives: June 2008


pi4 zhe3 xian1 zhi1
He who smelt it dealt it.

Fruit Bus

This bus is parked in the alley outside my window. It’s filled with fruit, and I don’t think it can move. When I moved in, the wall behind it enclosed a field of rubble. Maybe there were houses there before. A couple of months ago work crews came and started drilling [...]

More Fuwa, More Fun

Endlessly inspired by Beijing’s androgenous mascots, I drew this at work the other week.  My teammates on the B team going to the frisbee tournament in Shanghai liked it so much that they decided to name the team “Beijing Bling” or “Bei-bling,” hence the hat in my recent Flickr uploads.  I paid 35 RMB for [...]


Beijing’s official Olympic mascots, the five Friendlies, release some pent-up tension in a hot orgy of furry action.

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