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Chinese Use Ancient Oriental Secrets to Hack US Computers

They operate from a bare apartment on a remote island in the East. Their skin is dark, their hair is black, their eyes... slanty. These are the Chinese, the crafty people inhabiting vast regions of land across the seas, and they are attacking our internets.

According to U.S. Defense experts, ancient Chinese philosophy and culture, these pearls of mystic wisdom which have been passed down and polished through untold dynasties, are in fact entirely designed to provide the modern day Chinaman with the secrets by which he will destroy our internets, steal our infos, and wreak pestilence upon all civilized peoples of the West.

Yesterday, one of these sly hackers, who wished to be known as Xiao Chen, because "those stupid foreign devils will never figure out how to pronounce it," revealed to reporters a number of these ancient Oriental secrets which will soon become our demise:

"There is a saying," said Xiao Chen, "Know about both yourself and the enemy, and you …

Beijing Go Club

China Daily came to do a piece at Go Club a couple of weeks ago.  Sadly I had neglected to shave that day, and soon all of China will see how filthy I am.  They don't seem to have put the footage up yet, but you can see a couple of pictures of me on the Go Club website.  As you can see, I was happily destroying my opponent:

I'll post another link when I find out that China Daily's piece is up.